IACET Program Completion Requirement Policy

Participants that attend programs that offer IACET CEUs, will be required to attend 100% of the total time that the class in session. In the event that weather or other related occurrences affect the learners attendance, the Instructor will determine if the learner needs to reschedule, or if he/she can make up for lost time at the end of the program. If an attendee does not show up, they will have to reschedule for a later date and will not receive any CEUs for this program. There will be a sign-in sheet that the Instructor will pick up at the beginning of each program. If an attendee has to leave prior to program completion due to unforeseen circumstances or early plane reservations, again no CEUs will be awarded. Each attendee is expected to arrive on or prior to the specified program start time, return promptly from breaks, and attend the program through to completion. At the end of each program, certificates of attendance will be handed out to all participants. If there is an online assessment associated with the program, individuals who do not claim their certificate will not be eligible to participate in the online assessment as this will be verification that they were not present at the end of the program.

In Class Program Assignments/Assessments
All in-class assignments/assessments must be completed by each learner. Failure to do so will result in non compliance of program completion requirements. Any assignments that are turned in by the learner must be completed by the party whose name is on the assignment paper. Simpson expects academic integrity from each attendee. If this integrity is breached, the Instructor will ask that they remove themselves immediately from the class and no CEU will be granted for that individual. There will be no make-up sessions for an individual that is asked to leave the class for these types of violations. All in-class and online program assessments will be referenced on our Customer Learning Management System (CLMS) prior to program commencement.

Online Program Assessments
All online program assessments must be completed within six weeks of the program completion date. If the learner has not passes the assessment within this time frame, they will not be eligible for CEUs associated with this program. All learners must meet or exceed the minimal score requirements that are posted for the workshop that they attended. Absolute integrity is expected of each learner in all academic undertakings. Academic integrity is not only expected in classroom assessments but when performing online assessments also. Using or obtaining unauthorized assistance on assessments will terminate any CEU that would have been awarded. Participant will be allowed three attempts at passing the test.

Participation in Learning Activities
Learners are expected to be attentive and participate in all learning activities. Respect and professionalism should be shown at all times towards fellow attendees during any interactions. Instructors will be sympathetic and supportive to attendees who use moderate methods to maintain alertness or relieve any physical discomfort.

Program Evaluation
All end of program evaluations should be completed in their entirety by each attendee. Simpson utilizes these questioners as a tool to evaluate the learner’s perception of the program that they have just attended. As part of our process for upgrading our programs we depend on feedback from our current learners.

Partial Credits
Simpson will not offer partial credits for any of its programs.

Program Completion Requirements
If any violations of the above requirements occur, no credit will be awarded. Please contact your certifying licensing organization or agency directly to inquire if they accept CEUs from IACET providers.

CEU Completion Requirements

If any violations of the above requirements occur, no credits will be awarded.

As an IACET Accredited Provider, Simpson Strong-Tie offers IACET CEUs for its learning events that comply with the ANSI/IACET Continuing Education and Training Standard.